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Updated: Dec 17, 2022

Main provisions of PITT'S India Act Part 2 1. Establishment of Governor's Council in Madras and Bombay: • The Act facilitated the introduction of a Council to aid the Governor in all the presidencies. • The Council consisted of 3 members, one of them being the Commander-in-chief. •Commander-in-chief was appointed by the Directors but could be removed by Crown. 2. Company was prohibited to pursue new conquests: • For the 1st time, Company's territory in India was being recognised as British possessions. • Company was instructed to get the company back on track and get rid of excess staff. • Company was asked to drop the plans of expansion of territory in India. 3. Introduction of separate courts to deal with offences performed by Britishers in India: •The acceptance of the gifts was proclaimed extortion and made a punishable offence. •The servants were obliged under the Act to declare on oath the amount of possession they brought from India. •Provisions were made to deal with the offences done by the company's servants in India. 4. The Court of Proprietors no longer controlled the Court of Directors according to this Act. 5. Process of Board of Control: •Members of the Board of Control held office during the contentment of the king. •The Secretary of the State acted as the Chairman of the Board. He was entitled to Casting Vote to break the tie of votes on any issue. •The Board had no initiating power. The Court of Directors made all the appointments. 6. Authority of the Directors: • They made all the appointments of the company's servants. • They looked after all the commercial matters of the company. • Crown had the power according to the act to recall any officer of the company from India. •The Act provided the right to the Directors to appeal to the king in case the Board Members try to interfere with the company's commercial privilege.

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