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Updated: Dec 17, 2022

What is it?

This policy came out in August 2018. According to it all the petrol and diesel vehicles have to get mandatorily scrapped if it is over 15 years old for commercial vehicles and 20 years for private vehicles.

It opposes the provisions of the National Scrappage Scheme as the scheme suggests that old vehicles can be re-registered and reused after mandatory fitness tests and payment of additional fees and taxes.

Justifications for contradictions is that Delhi NCR's vehicle scrappage guidelines depend on fuel type and fixed shelf life of the vehicle whereas the National Scrappage scheme provides a distinction between private and commercial vehicles to evaluate the age of re-registration after the fitness test of the vehicle.

Conditions for vehicles to pass the fitness test:

Fitness test helps in knowing the quality of the vehicle on the 2 bases which are:

1. If it is fit to run on the road

2. Effect of the vehicle on the environment.

Multiple tests like brake test, engine performance etc. are done before a vehicle is declared to be fit to use once it reaches a certain age. A recheck is conducted on those vehicles after 5 every year. A valid fitness certificate is required for the renewal of the vehicle after 15 and 20 years for commercial and private vehicles respectively. The duration for which a renewed certificate is issued for private vehicles is 5 years.

Penalty and disincentives:

1. Fine of rs. 10,000 is imposed on vehicles above 10yrs old for diesel and 15 years old for petrol.

2. Vehicles can be impounded and scrapped if found plying on the road.

3. Holding a vehicle that is above the age of 15 years can be expensive as the cost of renewal of a fitness certificate can go up to 62 times for commercial vehicles and 8 times for private vehicles.

4. State will impose the green tax over road tax on the vehicle owner if he/she keeps a vehicle that has surpassed the prescribed age limit.

Incentives for scrapping the vehicle:

1. Vehicle owners will be provided scrap value equivalent to 4% to 6% of the showroom price of the new vehicle they would be purchasing.

2. People will be charged no amount for the fees of the new vehicle's registration if they will show the certificate of deposit.

3. State government will provide concession in motor vehicle tax. Concessions include up to 25% for non-transport vehicles and 15% for transport vehicles.

4. vehicle manufacturers are advised to provide a 5% discount on the purchase of a new vehicle against the certificate of deposit.

5. Buying a new vehicle will lower maintenance costs and consumers will be able to save on fuel too.

The National Green Tribunal (NGT):

According to The National Green Tribunal, any registered diesel vehicle more than 10 years old and 15 years old petrol vehicles can not ply on the road in NCR . This order came out in 2015 and got reinforced by Supreme Court in 2018. These orders overrule the Centre's national scrappage scheme. It is made to help the honourable courts to increase the pace of solving the cases related to the environment. The chairperson of the NGT is a retired judge of the Supreme Court, headquartered in Delhi.


A vehicle that is unfit to be on-road not only puts the people sitting inside that vehicle in danger but also those who are outside it. this policy will help in reducing the rate of accidents by eliminating those vehicles which have crossed the prescribed age limit or didn't manage to clear the fitness test and are prone to mishaps. furthermore, it will also scrape those vehicles which cause pollution.

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